Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Orange is the new Pink!

Well, I don't know if that is true with all of the "officially-dubbed fashionistas" out there - but according to my daughter, who originally wanted to go with a pale pink and chose this bright orange instead, it's the new pink.

Needless to say, I was leary, VERY leary, about painting her room this color. I mean....look at it! That's orange - Orange Julius orange! I kept asking her if she was SURE she wanted to paint her room that color. She kept assuring me that she was positive (ever seen the movie "...." where Batty says "even fools are positive!" Yeah, that fits here.

The next morning I went to get her up and noticed a glow coming from her room. Through the closed door I asked why she'd slept with the light on. She said, "Mom, it's not on."

Now on to the detail decorating. We've got to do something about downplaying these really bright walls.


  1. That reminds me of the time my parents let us choose the colors of our rooms. Mine was pale pink, my brother picked dark gray and my sister picked fluorescent GREEN!! Talk about bright-then she proceeded to cover it up with Donny Osmond pictures! Of course this was a loooonngg time ago!
    Lori@Thrifty Thoughts

  2. I LOVE orange! Just painted the play room that color! Ha!

  3. Hmmmm, it is VERY bright. But if she's happy....

    You can always repaint when she tires of it I guess?