Friday, November 21, 2008

101 Things to Be Happy About

I was inpired today to create this post. Over the years, I've gathered ideas about how to be happy and listed them on my computer. I try to find happiness in the little things but, like everyone else, I forget sometimes. I hope this list will be an inspiration to you.

1. A beautiful sunset.
2. waking up to the smell of coffee in the mornings.
3. the birth of a child
4. a hug
5. a smile
6. your child’s first word
7. holding hands with the one you love
8. the smell of French fries
9. making your goal weight
10. fitting into that smaller size
11. the smell of fresh, clean laundry
12. teaching your toddler to sing
13. walking on the beach
14. no dishes in the sink
15. a phone call from a friend
16. not having to make dinner
17. a clean house
18. the sound of a child's laughter
19. laughing with your significant other
20. laughing with your children
21. fresh clean sheets
22. a cup of hot tea
23. a good book
24. a good movie
25. the kids are being good
26. the loss of the first five pounds
27. making new friends
28. a sunny day
29. the smell of cut grass
30. the soft patter of rain
31. nothing to do
32. eating ice cream
33. listening to thunder
34. a nap
35. an autograph
36. a night alone
37. family game night
38. reading a great blog
39. listening to your favorite song
40. dancing with your husband
41. dancing with your children
42. sitting in the grass
43. eating stew in the winter
44. the birth of a grandchild
45. success of a new recipe
46. a night with friends
47. a note from a friend
48. a field of flowers
49. learning something new
50. giving to charity
51. volunteering
52. eating cheesecake
53. the smell of a new car
54. sleeping late
55. breakfast in bed
56. good dreams
57. meaningful conversations
58. fingerpainting
59. getting a manicure
60. getting a pedicure
61. a massage
62. having someone play with your hair
63. getting your back scratched
64. discovering a new talent
65. the smell of cookies baking
66. holidays spent with family
67. life
68. hotdogs over the bonfire
69. roasting marshmallows
70. grilling out in the summer
71. staying in
72. going out
73. a new outfit
74. your old jeans
75. a pair of comfy socks
76. eating chocolate
77. organizing a pile
78. family dinners
79. a toast
80. a sense of humor
81. sensitivity
82. buds in the springtime
83. new life
84. watching wildlife
85. festivals
86. a completed project
87. being in love
88. a hot shower
89. pizza the next day
90. reading a book together
91. chocolate milk
92. winning the lottery
93. a bubble bath
94. comfortable silence
95. an epiphany
96. learning a new joke
97. a new pair of shoes
98. discovering a new route
99. swinging on the front porch
100. taking photos of your kids
101. being yourself


  1. You have a long list. Now you inspire me back to add more things to my list!

  2. Thank you for the refreshing list! Isn't it amazing that we forget to think about things like this and to actually take advantage of them?
    Lori@Thrifty Thoughts

  3. That made me smile. I'm also happy about watching my baby try pasta for the first time. Love the saucy red face!

  4. That's definitely a good way to put a positive spin on any bad day :) It's so easy to forget the little things, but it's just those little things that make us smile.

  5. Wow. That's a lot to be happy about. It's nice to be blessed.