Thursday, November 20, 2008

Homeschool Memoirs #14: Award The Categories

What a fun post! Let's see if I can come up with some interesting awards for my family.

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Best Painter: Dad

He has so many talents it's hard to name just one. He works hard with two full time jobs, rarely sleeps because he's providing for the family, teaches history to our girls because he's a history buff, orders fantastic pizza from Dominos, and likes to debate about politics. But, his passion is his artwork. He's done murals, model cars, real cars, signs, garbage cans, tool boxes....basically anything he can get his hands on. And did I mention he's a wonderful Christian man and father?

Most Improved: Zach

Zach is the one we would consider most improved. He works really hard at his job and loves his family unconditionally. Went through a rough time for a while, but now he's on a good track, finding the Lord again, and discovering who he is. (This photo is a few years old - he's almost 22 now) I got your back, Son!

Funniest: Kyle

Kyle, at age 20, is most definitely our funniest child. We've said over the years he could be the new "Jim Carrey"! He's goofy to the point of being "slap stick". He loves to tell jokes and make people laugh. There's not been a dinner at the table yet where I haven't nearly choked on my food from laughter. You can even see it in his eyes!

Most Devoted to Horses: Elizabeth
Elizabeth is our horse lover - and that's putting it mildly! She loved volunteering at a local rescue barn in the Atlanta area and leading the little kids around (her sister, in this photo). She really has a heart for this animal and can spout off trivia about them like she was the inventor of the breed. She's also a great artist, like Dad. Her medium is usually pencil and her equine drawings are just amazing! She's actually considered a professional artist now - she sold some of her artwork at a local art show that she entered when she was 13. She was quite proud of herself, and so were we! Visit her blog at Wild Horsefeathers!

The Next Best Super Model: Leah

Leah is our resident model and performer. She's started taking modeling classes and has done a couple of fashion shows already. She's also discovered a love of performing on stage in plays. Currently, she plays a part in the Charles Dickens' classic "A Christmas Carol". We're expecting great things from her. She can take care of her dear ol' parents when they are old and gray and she's rolling in the dough! See her blog: Inside and Out.

Most Talented Drama Queen: Ainsley

At three, she is a combustable combination of all the kids rolled up into a little package of dynamite! She has her big brother Zach's sensitive side, brother Kyle's goofyness, sister Elizabeth's artist abilities, and sister Leah's flare for the dramatic. She loves, loves, loves to be the center of attention and now aspires to be a model like sister Leah. Keep an eye out for this one! 'Nuff said!

Congratulations to all the others out there who have just won these prestigious awards!


  1. Great awards! you have beautiful children!

  2. I'm so glad you are still connecting vitally with your older children!