Friday, October 30, 2009

Fun Friday - Inside Picnic

Sometimes when the weather is cold or rainy and we can't go outside we do an indoor picnic in the living room. Our little one especially loves to do this! We think it's a great idea to gather everyone together, get them off the computer, turn off the tv and spend some quality time together.

Just clear the furniture out of the way if you need to and spread a big table cloth or a blanket on the floor. You could make it as fun and festive or sophistocated as you like.

We've done picnics with just munchies and we've done some with a full course dinner. Either way we end up having some great conversations and lots of laughter!

By the way, this picture is not our family. When deciding on this post I realized I didn't have any photos of our picnics so I found this one online here. It looks like this family does indoor picnics, too!


  1. Great idea! I need to think of that on the next snowy day around here.

    Visitng from MBC