Friday, October 9, 2009

Fun Friday

Every Friday is going to be.....can you guess...... Yep, Fun Friday! I have to admit this is not only for your benefit but for mine as well. It forces me to find fun things for my kids to do. Not that we don't do fun things...I'm talking things that normally wouldn't come to my mind. (I'm usually so busy that not much comes to mind at all!) I mean, it's not like we sit in our chairs day in and day out and stare at our books but we could use a little extra creativity in our week, y'know?

While doing some searching I came across this great idea!

Time Capsules

We've all heard of them. Here's some ideas on how to put one together.

1. Get a sturdy, fairly large piece of Tupperware or other container with a tight-fitting lid and a bunch of Ziploc bags for the individual items. The container should be about twice the size of a shoebox, or a little larger. If you like, you can get smaller containers for each child, so they can have their own private time capsules inside the big one.

2. What to put in it: Here are some tips:

-Don't put anything in that you're going to need, want or miss in the next ten or twenty years.

-Make it personal. People a hundred years from now will be curious about who you were and how you lived.

-If you're putting in paper, make sure that it's acid-free -- or spray it with paper antacid (you can get it at hobby stores).

-Don't count on being able to use CDs, CD-ROMs, floppies, audio and videotape cassettes and the like when you open the capsule; standards for that kind of thing change quickly.

-If you're going to use recordings, try to get them on as many different media as possible.

Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Photographs

  • Awards

  • Stories and drawings by the kids

  • Report cards (most kids will be pretty glad to see them go)

  • Buy 10 shares of stock in a corporation and put the certificates in the capsule

  • A list of predictions from each child, for the future in general and their future in particular

  • A description of and by each kid

  • A letter to the people who find it

  • A letter describing your lives for the past year or so

  • Anything small of sentimental value

  • Favorite toys, dolls and stuffed animals (but make sure they won't be too missed)

  • Postcards to the future from the past

How do you pack it? Put everything in its own individual Ziploc and squeeze out all the air. Arrange in the capsule snugly, but don't cram it in. Try to fold papers as little as possible. Label all photographs with a pencil, or better yet write captions on a separate sheet of paper and just number the pictures with a pencil.

Be sure to include a list of what's in the box. Include descriptions, the more complete, the better: **Don't forget today's date!**

Restaurant supply stores sell little packs of silica gel to control humidity. Get some and throw a few in (but be careful, because they're very poisonous).

Put the lid on and tie or tape it shut. Using an indelible marker, label the outside with your names, current address, phone numbers, email addresses and any other contact info you can think of. If someone else finds it, you want to make it easy for them to find you.

If you bury it, make sure it's deep enough not to be disturbed by floods, dogs and the like, and that it's far from trees and other potentially large vegetation with deep roots. Three or four feet is good enough for the depth of the hole.

DON'T bury it on land that isn't yours. For one thing, the land could be sold or developed over the years. For another, it's illegal.

I have used these ideas from iVillage and changed the wording a bit. To see the original article go here.

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