Sunday, December 7, 2008

Stories, Stories, and more Stories

Our three year old is a born storyteller. She'll tell you that herself! She has such a vivid imagination that is scares me sometimes! And she can come up with some Doozies!

Last night's edition:

Mom (talking to Dad): "You should have seen the fog last night. It was so thick!"

Dad: (talking to Mom): "Yeah. I was driving around last night, afraid I was going to hit something."

Mom: "It was pretty spooky (code word for Ainsley to pop in). It looked like we were driving into nothingness."

A few minutes later.....

Ainsley: "Let's talk about the fog!"

Mom chuckles.

Dad: "Ok. You start."

Ainsley: "What happened to you last night?"

Dad: "I was driving around in the fog."

Ainsley: "And you were afraid you were going to hit somebody."

Dad: "Yes! It was verrry spooky!"

Ainsley: "Yeah. And there were ghosts in the fog!"

Dad: "Yeah!"

Ainsley: "And then what happened?"

Dad: "And then I saw a deer!"

Ainsley: GASP!

Dad: "It had huge antlers and it ran across the road."

Ainsley: "Into the woods?"

Dad: "Yes. So I chased it into the woods."

Ainsley: "And it was spooooky in there!"

Dad: (warming to his story) "Yeah. It was very dark!"

Ainsley: "And then what happened?"

Dad: "I came to a river and fell in!"

Ainsley: GASP!

Dad: "And then I went over a waterfall!"

Ainsley: "I want to go over a waterfall!"

Dad: "And then I swam to shore and there were Indians all around me."

Ainsley: GASP!

Dad: "And they took me to their teepees and painted my face red and blue!"

Ainsley: "I want my face painted!"

Dad: "And then we did a rain dance around the bonfire."

Ainsley: "And then what happened?"

Dad: "And then the deer came out of the woods and started talking to us!"

Ainsley: "What did he say?"

Dad: "He said we were making too much noise and that he couldn't sleep."

Ainsley: "You're a bad boy, Daddy!"

Dad: "I know. I had to say I was sorry and do his dishes!"

Ainsley: "And sweep his floors!"

Dad: "Yes! How did you know?"

Ainsley: "I told him to make you do that!"

Dad: GASP!

There's no end to the storytelling around our house!

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