Monday, December 15, 2008

A New Chapter

It is with a bittersweet heart that I write this post. It's taken me a couple of days to come to it. I've experienced this loss before, but somehow, it never changes - the feeling of the empty nest.

Last Friday we moved our oldest son down to Panama City to live with his brother, Kyle, who is stationed there with the Air Force. Zach was able to transfer with his job at Publix. The boys are really looking forward to getting an apartment together.

I've been resigned and gotten used to the fact that Kyle has been gone for two years now. He doesn't call his mother nearly as much as she would like, by the way. Every now and then, he'll try to surprise me by showing up on the doorstep. It's always nice to have him home - even though he's a little (okay, a lot) goofy and unconventional. He has a great heart, though, and he loves his family.

Leah hates this picture because Kyle is doing "duck lips". We always said he could be the next Jim Carrey. Believe me, he could!

My fervant prayer is that the boys will take care of each other and stay out of trouble - and call their mother on a regular basis with GOOD news!

And Dad, too, of course! He's been a rock for them for many years now!

I hate the thought of looking forward to the next ones who will leave the nest.

In 3 and a half short years, these two will go off to college to pursue their own dreams. And then, there will only be....

...Ainsley left at home. I'm convinced (if I had any niggling doubt before) that God knows what He's doing - telling us that Ainsley will be our very LAST child. She's surely destined to be the rest of my gray hairs (I only have three at the moment!).
Here's to my children and the love, fun, heartache, laughs, good times and bad, and the fullest cup in the world that they bring to my life. Dear God, I will miss them!
I love each and every one of you!


  1. oh, it's so hard when they leave. I have one down and 2 to go. next one leaves next year. don't know what I'll do when it's only one at home, and then none...hope everything goes well...

  2. I can't even imagine how difficult that must be. My daugther is 7 1/2 and I cried for a week when she went to kindergarten, so I can wait forever for college! My son is 10 months, so I guess I'll have him to concentrate on when she flies the coop!

  3. yes our kids growing up to adulthood never gets easier!!!