Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Back to the Grind

We've played long enough. We taken two weeks off of schoolwork - yes, I know - TWO weeks! We should be ashamed. First there was Thanksgiving week. Then, there was last week due to the play the girls were in (A Christmas Carol). Adding schoolwork in there was just too overwhelming and we were exhausted anyway. We even took yesterday off of school!

But, I've put my foot down! And today, it's back to our regularly scheduled program. I think we've had plenty of time to recharge our batteries. Leah read ALL day yesterday and finished her book. Lizzy watched horse racing most of the day. That's education, right? And Ainsley actually did do a few worksheets. Ok - so, we're all good.

By the way, go on over to Homeschool 101 and check out our "A Day In the Life..." post. It's about us and how we homeschool. Each Tuesday, we'll feature a different homeschool family.

Now - on to the schoolwork. The students are emerging from their dens.


  1. It is always hard to get back in the swing but that is one of my great loves about homeschool is the ability to be flexible!!!

  2. We all need some time off occasionally! Back to the grind now...