Sunday, January 11, 2009

The New Me Challenge - Week 2

Gosh, it's been 2 weeks already?

Well, really this was my first full week. But, it was a really good one for me. I hope the rest of you who are taking the challenge with me had as good a week.

My progress:

I walked not three days as planned this week, but four! And I added a lap. I've noticed an increase in my energy level, which is what prompted me to get out there on the fourth day.

My eating habits are improving too. I bought some fresh green beans at the store, blanched them, and I eat those as a snack. I've noticed I get hungry a little more often but I'm choosing healthy snacks as opposed to crackers, chips, or some other food that starts with C! This week my snacks consisted of: yogurt, a sliced apple with peanut butter, carrots with ranch, and green beans. My taste buds still need to get used to the change, but my will power has taken over, finally! I'm also finding that I get full quicker, so I'm eating less.

I've also been drinking less soda and more water!

Next week I plan to replace the rance with fat-free or reduced fat ranch. Some things are harder to give up than others, you know. I'll also be adding another lap to my walking. Not sure if I'll add another day or not yet.


  1. Hooray!!! That is a great report, sounds like you are so on the right track!! Keep it up, it is inspiring to read the changes you are making.

  2. Congratulations, that is great! The will power will be tested, but you have made great progress this week.

  3. Good for you! Have you tried the Kraft Lite Done Right Three Cheese Ranch? I actually like it better than regular ranch. Good luck!

  4. Good for you girl!! I'm jealous! (as I stuff another cookie in my mouth)

  5. Fantastic progress!

    I've been unwell this past week and don't want to weaken my health with too much exercise so have been taking it easy. But I'm better with food and feeling better for it.