Sunday, January 4, 2009

The New Me Challenge - Week 1

Week 1 was not a full week since I started in the middle of it. But, I did get in some walking in my neighborborhood.

Here's the positives:

1. Walked in my neighborhood

2. Ate smaller portions

3. Snacked less during the day

Here's the not-s0-positives:

1. I found myself gravitating to starchy foods. Even though I only had a baked potato for lunch - it was still a baked potato! I will try to correct this next week.

My goal for next week: to walk Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and to eat more veggies!


  1. I did pretty well on the exercise side of things. Definitely struggling to get the food under better control. SparkPeople is wonderful and very depressing when I enter my food and watch the fat count go up unexpectedly.

    Thanks for hosting this.
    I love your blog title - I can so relate.

  2. I think you made an excellent start!!!

  3. Keep up with the walking. It gets easier the more you do it!

  4. Ooh, yum, baked potatoes.

    Sorry, that isn't helping, is it?

    Keep it up. Baby steps, hon, baby steps.

  5. That is great for the first week! I jumped on the scales this morning and oh dear, yes, well, let me just say I'm off to check out your new me link ;)