Sunday, August 17, 2008

Human Trafficking!

This horrible situation was brought to my attention recently when I watched a Lifetime movie called Human Trafficking. I've known for many years that this existed but, like many others, just never did anything about it or looked the other way. After all, I'm only one person. How can I make a difference. But by the end of this four-hour movie, I was so outraged I began to do some research on it.

The shocking results: Approximately 14,500 to 17,500 people (mostly women and children) are trafficked to the United States each year. This trafficking includes sexual exploitation and modern-day slavery.

These women and children are people just like you and me. Many are immigrants from other countries, forced to come here by slave traders under false pretenses (a modeling job or school). But many are Americans like us - our sisters, our daughters, our cousins, our neighbors and friends!

These people suffer unspeakable brutality at the hands of their "protectors" and johns. They "work" and live in squalid conditions and are expected to perform for grueling long hours everyday.

What can we do to help? The following website gives information and suggestions on what we can do to help make a difference.
Help me spread the word!

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