Friday, August 22, 2008

Heavy Rains & So Much to Read!

It's raining like crazy here! The eye of the storm hasn't passed through Valdosta (where I live) but we're feeling the effects of it! It's very dark and stormy... "On a darrrk and storrrmy night...." We had a tornado touch down in a neighboring county. Surprisingly, we still have power AND satellite tv! Amazing, when we often lose power on sunny or partly cloudly days and the satellite goes out because a flock of birds flew over. It's movie night at our house - the power had BETTER stay on!
On another note: I'm really enjoying reading all the posts from the first assignment at Homeschool Blog Awards. I'm trying to get through them all.... I checked to see how many had done it after me and squealed in alarm! I'd better start reading faster or my computer better start loading the pages faster! I can't wait to read more. There are so many neat, talented, special, interesting, cool moms out there.


  1. I'm in the south metro Atlanta area. We're finally getting some rain. Not too heavy though. Mostly we've had a lot of wind.


  2. Glad you are all safe. Hopefully the electricity stays on for you :).

    I know what you mean about the first assignment. I too am having trouble keeping up. Don't know if I can LOL.

  3. Hey Dana,
    You wrote me and wanted to know where I lived? HA HA!!! Its me, Robyn- Im doing Memoirs too!!! My friend Jaque got me hooked......