Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Teens and Cars

Ah, driving! I remember when I first got my license. (Hey - it wasn't THAT long ago. Really.) The freedom, the prestige, the coolness! If you weren't driving to school by your sophomore or junior year, you just weren't "it".

My best friend and I cruised around in her little orange Fiat. She would pick me up in the mornings and we'd head to school. After, we'd drive around town just to be seen. The coolest part - it was convertable! Oh, yeah!

Fast forward twenty years or so...or so...and now it's my kids' turn at the wheel. We've already sent two (BOYS) off into the world, both with their driver's licenses...scared to death (us, not them). The oldest one taught us things we never considered when WE were kids - ok, ok, my husband probably did but would never admit to me - like an Expedition (the far as I know, not the husband). Yes, he did that! Of course, we only found out later when it was too late for punishment.

And now...the next two (GIRLS) have their permits and will get their regular driver's license in February 2010. I'm of two minds about this. One of them is very unsure about her ability to drive and would much rather turn the keys over to her sister...who is only too eager to oblige! That sister is really the one that worries me.

So, we have decided that in light of our knowledge of past experiences with the BOYS and the fact that one sister is so overly eager to begin driving on her own... we must set some very strict rules and guidelines.

1. The car belongs to us - the parents (Side note: have you noticed these days that we are THE parents and not MY parents or THEIR parents?)

2. The keys belong to us - the parents

3. There will be no spontaneous driving to the store - this will be planned out at least two weeks ahead of time.

4. No driving other people, especially those of the opposite sex.

5. There will be a GPS locator placed in an unknown location somewhere inside the car.

6. There will be a governor - no going over 45mph. - which, of course, means no highway driving!

7. The parents are considering a strategically placed camera...

Ok, so maybe these are just a little overboard. But, how do you protect your most precious and cherished loved ones? It's getting to the time to let them go...and let me tell you, it does not get any easier, no matter how many have gone before.

How have you coped with your teen driving?

....I know there's wine around here somewhere....
I guess I shouldn't worry too much. Their dad is a cop and he knows cops who know cops....we live in a pretty close that I think about it....they won't be able to get away with anything! There are eyes on every corner...
I feel a little better.

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  1. I'm in the same boat Dana, my oldest is going to get her Drivers License next May ACK! and she's scared to death of driving. I'll have to get you her license plate number when her dad gives her his Pathfinder to keep an eye on her too! hehehehehe