Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Breezy Sundresses

Ah summer! It's coming to an end. Fall is right around the corner. But, before we close up shop for the coming cooler weather I thought I'd share a little story with you.

My step-cousins (is there such a thing?) and their families were visiting a quaint Florida city one weekend...I believe she said it was St. Augusting (I love that place!). One of them, I shall call her N, wore a cute little sundress. It was the perfect weather for it.

St. Augustine's shops and streets were full of life and busy with tourists and locals. My other cousin, S, was struggling somewhat with the diaper bag, her purse, the stroller for her adorable little boy, R, the camera, and various other things. So, being the helpful sister she is, N offered to carry the diaper bag. She flung it over her shoulder and the shopping continued.

Several shops later, N kept feeling a breeze behind her. Thinking nothing of it, she swatted behind her, but found nothing amiss. More shopping ensued. A little later, and a few more swats behind her - that darn breeze was still there! - she discovered that as she had swung the diaper bag on her shoulder, the skirt of her cute sundress got caught in the strap and was slung up around her shoulder.

I apologize that there are no photos to share with you!

Love you, N! ;)

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