Saturday, February 14, 2009

I don't want no stinkin' flowers!

Ok, so I've been laid up, sick, for the past week. I've done just enough to get by - a shower now and then, a bowl of cereal for dinner on occasion, and keeping up with only one of my online commitments (Heart of the Matter newsletter - shameless plug...).

Side Note: You I sit here writing this I have this overwhelming sense of deja vu. I KNOW I've complained about this another lifetime maybe.... (see previous posts)
I have finally started to come out of my fog and see clearly for the first time in five days. What do I see? A LOT OF STUFF!!!!!!! - where there should be none. Dishes, laundry, GRASS in the front hallway. Do these other people in this house seriously not know how to do chores when Mom is laid out?

Side Note Again: please, excuse me....I must go pray for right back....

And then - surprise of all surprises - the Dad and the littlest one (I'm sure he picked that one because of the Cuteness Factor) come home with a dozen red roses and calla lilies. Of course, I fawn over them, stick them in a vase, and try to plug the steam coming out of my ears. I don't want to seem ungrateful, after all!

But, this Valentine's Day???.....I don't want no stinkin' flowers! I want a clean house and a meal in bed - a hot one that does not consist of oatmeal from a packet. As a matter of fact, I want lasagna made from scratch, fresh baked bread with homemade butter, a beautifully crisp salad with lots of bleu cheese dressing......

........................"HEY!!!!! Wake up and smell the roses!" They yell.

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  1. Ok i hope you feel better!!! I was laughing about the grass comment, i always have pinestraw in the entrance to the house.