Friday, February 6, 2009

Beating Those Winter Blues

Each Friday Heart of the Matter online hosts a meme. This week the theme is: Beating those winter blues. What a great topic! I love Angela's description over there because it sounds like she lives where I live. I, too, am used to the warmer weather and relief from the mosquitos! Have you seen the ones where I live? They are NOT mosquitos. They are dino-squitos. And they HURT! We also have dino-ants. Big, fat, hairy red ones. Ouch! And let me tell you, they can outrun you, so beware!
Anyway - getting back to the topic at hand... how do we beat the winter blues? Here are some of the things we do.
1. We get moving. Being shut up inside the house all day, all week long can make people go stir crazy. We've taken to walking in the mornings around the subdivision. Mainly it's so my hubby and I can stick to our New Me Challenge, but it has the added benefit of waking up those sleepy kids who drag in the mornings with their schoolwork. Nothing like a blast of cold air in the face to wake you up, right?
2. Play board games. We've discovered that we actually like playing games together. It passes the time and gets us all together for quality family time that our regular routine wants to sabatage! The only one we don't like to play is Clue. Well, I mean...we LIKE to but we refuse to play with Dad because, well, he does that sort of work for a living and we cleans our clocks every single time. We're going to try Risk next - but I have a feeling he will own the entire world. I think he cheats.
3. Let in the light. I agree with Christin when she says to open the blinds. I'm a fan of light and it cheers me up and wakes everyone up when it sunny outside. I love natural light and if I could I have walls of windows.
Hey, Jennifer - trying to send some sunshine your way - way over there in Alaska!
How do YOU beat the winter blues?


  1. Hi Dana! Board games are a GREAT idea! We certainly aren't lacking in that arena. We have lots of card games, too! Thank you for the link love. :) Have a great Friday!

  2. Hi Dana! We have the dino-squitos that never seem to die. I like the get moving plan, it would great for the whole family.

  3. Dana awesome list!! And the light thing is so true

  4. We definitely play so many more board games in the winter! And I have to admit: the Wii has been wonderful.

  5. Thanks, I could definitely use some sun, or heat at least :) My pipes have been frozen all day. I have enough water trickling to gather water in buckets to flush the toilets, but that's it. Gotta love winter in Alaska!

    Yes, we are a military family :) My husband is in Iraq until September. We'll be here for one more winter and then who knows where :) It's always an adventure!!

    I love your blog design by the way. The cherries are very cute :)

  6. I'm all for opening the blinds! And I like to look through last summer's pictures and make plans for what fun things we'll do next summer, when the rain stops in Oregon and we can finally go outside!

  7. Board games are great! The girls and I enjoy them but the men of the house are not fans. I totally agree about exercise and letting the light in too, those are such mood lifters!
    You have a gorgeous blog-I love the colors.

  8. We're a fan of family games too, though we play Wii or network computers together to play Age of Empires. Age of Empires is like Risk on the computer. Fortunately, unlike risk, players can team up against a computer empire. This makes the game playable and enjoyable by my daughter and I....cause we get to stay alive and all. Plus, it puts an added challenge in for my husband, cause not only does he have to strategize to defeat the computer's empire, he has to protect the kingdoms Sweetling and I are trying to build.

  9. LOL on the dino-squitos and dino-ants! Well its hard to say much on beihow to beat the cold since we've had heatwave conditions for the last fortnight! But from memory - yes, light helps and getting a sunshine fix whenever possible.