Tuesday, January 18, 2011

An addition to the Bucket List

I figured I would eventually come up with some other items for my Bucket List.  So far, since the 14th, I've only had time to come up with one more, but I think it's pretty significant.  With the recent happenings with our beloved James gone missing and the search for him everyone's mind has been preoccupied with that, including mine.  Over the past several days I have seen such an outpouring of love, concern, and encouragement from the young people in our community.  I say "young people" because I can't seem to count the number of teens who have rallied together to pray for the Eunice family and to worship God in the midst of their sorrow.  But, there are adults, too, of course, and I see them offering such comfort to anyone who seems to need it.  I want to be like that.

So often, I am paralyzed by fear.  Fear of rejection, fear of the unknown.  But, James brought this to light for me in his writing of April 2010 when he stated that sometimes God gives him a little nudge toward someone, but then he puts it off.  He encourages us to stop stalling.  So, paralyzed or not, I'm going to begin to reach out to people despite my fears.  I think this is God's test and James' challenge for me.  And, if we are truly God's children, how can we do otherwise?  I think that's what James was trying to say.

How about you?

As of this morning, the community is still searching for this beloved young man.  Will you add yours prayers with ours?

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