Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I've been looking for some inspiration on a topic - I've been experiencing bloggy writer's block - and I came across it while visiting Kel's blog, which I follow. Her question of the week is: How would you describe your perfect snow day? So - I thought I'd take a stab at this one.
I haven't experienced a real snow day since I was in my teens - that was a LONG time ago, y'all! Since I now live in south Georgia, compliments of the US Air Force, I haven't had a snow day since we've been here, either. These southern folks think that when the roads get wet everything must shut down, all the water on the store shelves are GONE, and people forget how to drive! Oh, but wait...that's getting off topic, isn't it?

Ok - well, this is basically where I lived as a teenager...Nederland, Colorado - right in the middle of Golden Gate State Park.

See the white lines in the background? Those are what you call "The Slopes". Ski slopes. A regular occurance in my teen years.

My parents built a log house when I was about 15. Now, don't think of a little log cabin tucked against a hillside somewhere - I'm talking a house. The house was called a New England log house and let me tell you, the logs were full size, HUGE trees. They brought them up the side of the mountain on several huge logging trucks and peeled the bark off of them in our driveway (a dirt lane). The house was two stories with a balcony that ran the entire length of the house on one side and complete with a huge picture window that looked out over the meadow across the street. Behind us, the mountain rose in majestic glory.

During the winters, we would get a minimum of five feet of snow - FIVE FEET! My brother and I would bundle up, go out on the front balcony, stand on the rail, and jump off into the snow. We couldn't get out of the house from downstairs anyway - the snow was so high it completely covered the doorways. We would open the garage door and be facing a wall of snow clear up to the ceiling!

The perfect snow day for us was taking the snow mobile out (this was the only form of transportation we had during these winters - there was no way you could drive a vehicle) and we'd tie our huge tubes and sleds to the back of it, drive across the road to the meadow, which had a great slope, and go tubing! Wow! This was such great fun. The tubes were humongous. We would hop on, lie across the top, and down we'd go.

Afterwards, we go back to the house, cold and wet, and mom would make us hot chocolate to warm us up again. We'd sit around the wood burning stove (this took the place of a fireplace and heated the entire house) and warm our toes and noses.

I know what you're thinking: Snow Days! Well, we did occassionally have snow days from school, but rarely. The buses would put chains on the tires and off to school we'd go. :)

Ahhh, those were the days!

Thanks to Kel for the inspiration! You can see her here:


  1. I'm not a big fan of snow or of winter, but you make me want to live in a log cabin in Colorado!

  2. What great memories. I've never really experienced snow, but you make me want to!