Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Counting Their Blessings

When checking my emails this morning I had several from family and friends about a couple of different things that touched me. I wanted to share them with you.

One was from my cousin who, along with our daughters, volunteers at a nearby rescue horse farm. Over the weekend, the farm was hosting a Big Brothers Big Sisters event. He explained that seeing his daughter and her friend walking along beside the horses with a child from that program was a humbling experience. The children from the program were all skinny and had such a look of sadness in their eyes that you couldn't help but reach out to them.

Another email I received came from a group I'm a member of and told of a girl who was recently diagnosed with Lukemia. She did not know this girl personally but was asking us to lift her up in prayer as we all know the mighty power of prayers.

These two things just remind me that we serve an awesome God. As I was praying for these hurt and stricken children I realized that God was already answering my prayers for them. I prayed for love and strength to surround these children. And then it hit me. He was already providing for them in the form of my cousin and his daughter and the people who were rallying by email to pray for the little girl with Lukemia. Wow! Talk about humbling!

I am humbled.

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