Thursday, September 18, 2008

Homeschool Memoirs: #5 My Favourite Things - Er - Sites!

Oh, boy, do I really need to catch up! I wasn't able to do Meme's 3 & 4 - I just didn't have time. It was all getting away from me. Now that I've rearranged my schedule and eliminated some things I have more time for other things.... so here I go.

Magazines/Carnivals - I'm not sure, don't have enough time to read these - any suggestions?

Freebie sites - Freecycle sites,

Forums/book clubs - The Homeschool Lounge looks great but I can't use the features...something about my computer I guess. :(

Mom site -
Youth/kid -,,

I guess I need to think a little more about my favorite things. Maybe I should get out more. At the moment my most favorite thing: rest!


  1. Love the explanation of Cherry Soup! Sounds like you are in a very busy season. Enjoy rest when you find it!! :)


  2. I can't use Homeschool Lounge either :( Or, I can use it, if I want to sit and wait for every page to load (if it doesn't time out while its loading.)

    And I should have put rest and reading a good book on my list!