Saturday, June 21, 2008

The New Addition

We've got a new little addition to the family. And I do mean "LITTLE"! It's like having a baby all over again.

Since my dh does custom painting on the side and does a lot of bikes, we named him Harley. It seemed to fit. He's very "full of himself" - which the breeder I bought him from told me he was! She wasn't kidding. LOL

Having a small dog is such a joy! We're used to having big dogs - dobies, german shepards, labs. I'm really looking forward to dressing him up and carrying him around in one of those puppy purses. The movie Legally Blonde comes to mind - although I'm not blonde!

He's already spoiled though and we've 0nly had him for two days. He likes to be held when he's falling asleep. Just like a baby. We're trying to teach him that he sleeps in his crate. Of course, he whines like the dickins, but eventually settles down.

Anyway, had to share about this little bitty cutie. (He's got some great lungs though)

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